The Site Shiafrica is established by Hojjat-ul Islam Seyedmoradi in December, 2015 to introduce the deprived and forgotten Shiites in Africa and to pursuit the news about them. This database is personal and is not dependent on any organization, institute, or other personalities. It follows its own independent and specific policies. Due to the growth of genuine Islam and teachings of Ahl al-Bayt in the ignored continent of Africa and the lack of proper recognition of the African Shia by other Muslims all around the world, this database aims to pave the way for introducing and recognizing African Shiites as they are to other Shia`s and Muslims in general. Plus to attract Special attention and sincere assistance by other followers of Ahl al-Bayt peace be upon them. In this regard, we call the scholars, lectures and writers especially the African Shias and religious leaders to assist their brothers and sisters. We appreciate and expect any kind of cooperation by sending electronic articles, books, images, news, interviews, biographies of great personalities, and are welcomed. Surely, any kind of assistance and cooperation would be satisfactory to the Allah and Imam Mahdi Arvahona fedah.