30 detained members of IMN released on bail in Kano

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  • News source: شفقنا

Summary Members of Islamic Movement of Nigeria who arrested during 1437 Arabeen Symbolic Trek from Kano were released on bail by a Court in Kano after spending months in Prison.

They were release on Wednesday the 7th of April 2017. Among those released are 20 males and 10 females including minors.


It could be recalled that well armed police men in tens of trucks on Monday the 14th Safar, 1438 (14/11/2016), opened fire on the peaceful Arbaeen trek to Zaria in the outskirts of Kano metropolis,  making its way to annual 40th day commemorations of Martyred Grand Son of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) , killing at least 50 including 8-months Zaiba, while  injuring several others including women and children, followed by arrest of close to 50 including females. After the attack by the police over forty bodies of those killed were dumped at Murtala Hospital alone in Kano as reported by our reported Adam Lawal. The whereabout of other bodies ferried away by the police in Kano still remain unknown.

Few days later a report emerged and photographs of  graves of over 30 victims believed to those killed and ferried away the Nigerian Security forces. The photographs show several rows of freshly dug graves in a cemetery in Kaukau village in Kano State. The graves, all unmarked, are believed to belong to some of those gunned down in the assault on November 14, 2016.