Quranic program held in Durban, South Africa

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  • News source: شفقنا

Summary On the occasion of first probable night of Qadr a Quranic and spiritual program was held at Masjid Imam Huasain (AS), Durban, South Africa.

Iranian Qari Azarpira Kazim started the program with the recitation of holy verses of Quran.Supplication of ‘Eftitah’ was recited by Reza Moallavi and Mojtaba Abbasi recited the supplication of Tawassul. At last the ‘Nasheed and Tawashi’ was recited.All of people were enlightened by this spiritual and Quranic program and they liked and appreciated it too much.


In this program all shia ans Sunni brothers and sisters were present.

At last the Imam Moojed Hussain Abbas Turabi thanked to all people and made Dua for all of them.