International conference on "Prophet of Mercy" to host in Uganda

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  • News source: abna

Summary An international conference titled “Prophet of Mercy” will be organized on August 30 in Uganda

According to the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, the program will be jointly held by Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) and Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC).

The Seerah and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as a role-model for today’s life, peaceful coexistence among followers of different religions based on the Holy Prophet’s teachings, unity among Muslims in Quran and Sunnah, and avoiding violence and fighting extremism in the Seerah of the Prophet of mercy are among the themes of the conference.

July 1 is the deadline for the submission of abstracts. Full papers should be sent by August 9.

Top papers will be awarded in the closing ceremony of the conference, to be attended by Uganda’s Mufti and Minister of Culture as well as some other officials of the African country.

The organizing committee of the conference comprises 4 members of the UMSC, a member of the UBC and 4 members of the Iranian Cultural Center in Uganda.

Pre-meetings of the conference have been held and invitation letters have been sent to various religious, academic and educational centers.