African Most Influential Shiite Characters

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Summary The characters and thinkers on the African continent are working on this continent to spread the religion of the Ahlul-Bayt (P.B.U.T) and seek to spread Shiite denomination through the setting up of institutions and associations.

“Sheikh Ibrahim Zekzaki”, “Abdol-Monem Zein”, “Mohammed Al-Tijani”, “Valad Mohammed Bekar” and “Mohammad Ali Haydara”, are five prominent influential Shiite figures on the African continent. In this report a summary of their biography and activities in various African countries is presented.

Sheikh Ibrahim Jacob Zekzaki; Nigerian Shiite Leader

Sheikh Ibrahim Jacob Zekzaki, born in 1953, is one of the most prominent Shiite figures currently in charge of the Shiite Islamic Movement in the city of Zaraya, in the state of Kaduna, Nigeria, and is known as the Shiite leader of the country.

In cooperation with the Iranian embassy in Abuja, he has been working on spreading the Shiite denomination in Nigeria, especially in the north of the country.

Sheikh Zekzaki has a BA in Economics from Ahmed Bin Ballu University, (Nigeria’s largest university) and is working on expanding Shia sect through a study of the English translation of Shiite books provided by the Iranian Embassy in Nigeria.

Sheikh Abdul Monem al-Zain: Lebanese Shiite activist in Senegal

Sheikh Abdul Monem Al-Zain is a Lebanese cleric and activist who played an important role in expanding Shi’a in Senegal.

He is the founder and chairman of the Islamic Social Society and the vice-president of the Supreme Islamic Council in the country, he is also known as Muslim Caliphate in West Africa.

“By the blessing of God, we have opened about 120 schools with more than 9,000 girls and boys, and now about 160,000 Shiites are from different age groups, with a variety of scientific, social , cultural and occupational backgrounds   in Senegal.,” Abdul Monem Zein said.

On June 2, 2014, President Macci Sal, awarded the rank of “commander”, the highest national sign of Senegal, for his efforts to Sheikh Abdul Monem Al-Zain in Senegal.

Muhammad al-Tijani al-Samawi ; the spiritual leader of the Shiites of Tunisia

Sheikh Mohammed al-Tijani al-Samawi was born in Tunisia in 1943 in the city of Ghafse; he is one of the most prominent Shi’i figures in North Africa and is considered to be the spiritual father of Shiites in Tunisia; he plays an important role in the spread of the Shia sect in North Africa.

This prominent Shiite scholar and thinker was born in the Maliki sect follower family and then converted to Shi’ism.

THEN I WAS GUIDED is one of the most prominent books among western Arab Shiite (five countries north and northwest of Africa). In this book he has spoken about converting to shiism..

Walad Mohammed Bekar, Mauritanian Shiite Leader

Sheikh Walad Mohammad Bekar, who is known as the Mauritanian Shiite leader, has played an important role in expanding the Shi’a denomination since 2006 and has promoted Shiite and Shia literature in this country. The Iranian Embassy in Nouakchott supports the activities of institutes that spread Shiite sect, in particular the “Center for African Studies and Research of Sufi,” the Association for the Study of Culture and Science, and the Āl al-Bait Organization in Mauritania.

Muhammad Ali Haydara, the spiritual leader of the Shiites in West Africa

“Muhammad Ali Haydara” is one of the most prominent Shi’a figures in West Africa, especially in Senegal, Mauritania and Ghana.

 He is known as the spiritual leader of Shiites in West Africa and the leader of the international Islamic Institute (Mazdahar) in Senegal.

He was born in 1960 in the Maliki sect follower family in Senegal, and in 2003 became a Shiite scholar.