Nigeria: Sheikh Zakzaky will Return to Court on December 5

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  • News source: شفقنا

Summary The official site of the Free Zakzaky Campaign has announced Sheikh Zakzaky will return to court on December 5, 2019, for continuation of their case.

This is the first time since the botched assassination attempt of the ailing Sheikh in India by operatives of the NIA that the Sheikh will be appearing in court.

It will be recalled that a Kaduna high court had granted Sheikh Zakzaky a leave to seek medical attention in India. That opportunity however was used by the Nigerian government to make an elaborate plot to assassinate the Sheikh in the name of medical treatment, according to the official site of the Free Zakzaky Campaign.

Since the moment Sheikh Zakzaky and Mallimah Zeenah arrived in India, they were treated like criminals. At the Indian hospital, they were not permitted to move freely and the couple were surrounded by armed officers. They were consistently denied access to their medical team, their lawyers and their advocates and friends.

The Sheikh however pulled the plug off the plot when he insisted on returning back to Nigeria even without receiving the medical treatment he went to seek.