Sudanese schools no longer teach lessons on Shia ideology

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Summary Sudan’s Ministry of Education on Tuesday has said that text books no longer contain lessons on Shia ideology acknowledging that these lessons used to be part of the school curriculum until 2014.

On Friday, the Imam (prayer leader) of Khartoum’s Grand Mosque Kamal Rizq criticized the Sudan’s school curriculum saying it glorifies Shia Islam.

He stressed that schools books propagate the Shia ideology, while “grade tenth curriculum glorifies the Shia poetry and hails it as original and a product of strong creed”.

In a press release extended to Sudan Tribune on Tuesday, the director of the National Center for Curriculum and Educational Research at the Ministry of Education Muawia Gashi, said that two pages in the 2009 edition of the literature and reading book for the eleventh grade contained a lesson on Shi'ism.

However, he underlined that those pages were omitted from the 2014 edition of the book as part of the continuous revisions carried out by the center.

In November 2014, the Ministry of Education said it revised the text books of the tenth grade text, stressing it had canceled some lessons propagating Shia ideology from grade eleventh curriculum.